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Infinity Blade gets new arenas, enemies, items- and a price cut

Good news for iPhone and iPad gamers, Infinity Blade, the big-scale sword beat-em-up has gone on sale, and is now a bargain £1.79.

Powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3, it looks gorgeous on an iPhone, especially with that retina display, but it really needs an iPad to show it in its full glory. It’s not surprising that been it’s one of the apps chosen to showcase the new iPad 2.

But for those of who bought the app on its release (or very recently, cough, cough… us.) we’ll be getting a substantial game update, which gives you access to a new new dungeon area.

In fact, Epic Games say there are six new arenas, close to doubling the size of the original game. There’s also ten new enemies; we’ve already encountered the Wood Jester, whose off-kilter sword style should challenge even hardened Infinity Blade specialists. It made short work of us.

With New Game+ you can also continue building your characters, (Yes, multiple character profiles are now available) remaster items, or even buy over 30 new accessories and weapons from the shop. (There’s still in-app purchase gold available, for gamers who don’t have the time or inclination to save up their gold.)

Epic Games are said to be readying a multiplayer option too- but we’ll let you know when that becomes a reality.



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