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Infinity Blade II crashing on certain iOS devices, including iPad

One of the advantages of living in Apple’s walled garden is the quality checks apps have to go through before being allowed into the App Store. For the most part it’s a system that works, although buggy apps can make it through on occasion, and the sequel to the highly popular game Infinity Blade seems to be suffering that fate.

Customers who have bought Infinity Blade II are complaining of it failing to fully load and crashing on certain devices, such as the original iPad. Pretty disappointing for customers who have put down £4.99, but the VP of Epic Games, Mark Rein, has acknowledged the issue and said a fix is being worked on. In the meantime, tips on how to remedy the situation have been offered up, such as restarting the iPad before you want to play to make sure there’s enough memory.

Crashy apps are never fun, particularly when it’s a high profile game, but it only seems to be affecting a small number of users so far. It certainly hasn’t stopped it from quickly climbing the App Store charts either. Maybe turn back to your old friend Angry Birds until there’s a fix?

Source: Epic Games via The Verge, Kotaku