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Inside Android 2.2 (part 2): We update our HTC Desire

As much as our Nexus One was chuffed when it got its upgrade to Android 2.2 last month, it’s now staring green daggers at our HTC Desire which is now all Froyo’d up.

Unfortunately, if you’ve got your HTC Desire on contract it looks like it’s going to be a while before the networks sort the over-the-air update out; about four weeks on Orange according to a spokesperson on Twitter.

Until then, we’ve rounded up all the new features you can expect to see; while pretty much all the updates and new features we saw on the Nexus One are present, the HTC Desire also gets a few nice extras. Why not cast your eye over them as you patiently await the update…

See that resolution option on the left hand side? 720p video recording. That’s HD. Pretty nice right?

We’ve shot a few videos on a Nexus One and HTC Desire both running Froyo and the HD video quality of the latter is noticeably sharper, brighter and more detailed. This is just an at-a-glance comparison with our Nexus One rather than a full technical breakdown, so we can’t comment on frame rates or anything. But, to the naked eye, it’s a definite improvement.

In terms of text input, we didn’t notice much of a difference in the main keyboard. It’s feels a bit faster – perhaps due to Froyo’s faster processing times – but the input method is more or less the same as it ever was.

The real change here is the attach feature. That paperclip icon allows you to attach pictures, MP3s, contacts, calendar events and slideshows to an SMS message, instantly converting them to MMS messages in the process. Much more useful and less annoying than the hated Microsoft paperclip of yore.

HTC’s App Sharing tool, which made its debut on the HTC Wildfire, is available on the Desire after the 2.2 update. This is a very simple but very useful feature which allows you to tell your friends about this great new app you’ve found (after reading about it on some website).

You can send friends links to the app on the Android Market via email, text message or you can post it to your wall on Facebook. Then all your friend has to do is tap the link and they’ll be taken straight to the app in the Market.

As with the Nexus One, you can now install apps to SD cards, search every corner of your phone for a contact (both pictured), turn your HTC Desire into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and set apps to automatically update from the Market. The only thing that the HTC Desire doesn’t get in its Froyo update is the improved homescreen – but with HTC Sense in place is already had all of the benefits of this update anyway.


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