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Leaked screenshot suggests Instagram finally coming to Windows Phone?

‘It’s all about the filters’, well at least that’s what we’ve been led to believe based on the runaway success of photography app Instagram, however strong demand for the app’s inclusion within the world of Windows Phone hints at more than just a desire for those fancy filters on your photos; the app’s unique network of shutter-happy users is what Windows Phone users want in on and they might finally have their wish granted.

Microsoft worked hard to ensure that a number of the highest popularity mobile apps were Windows Phone compatible at the launch of the most recent major iteration: Windows Phone 8. Despite apps likes Facebook showcasing advanced WP8 integration with its live lockscreen, other top apps such as Instagram were missing and have continued to exclude themselves from the Windows Phone Store, until now that is, with a leaked shot showcasing the app’s download page.

Instagram for Windows Phone

Talk of an Instagram app has taken a rise in recent weeks, with Nokia’s #2InstaWithLove app built solely to try and fast track the arrival of the real-deal to Windows Phone users. A catalogue shot of a Lumia 820 also featured what appeared to be an Instagram live tile and all of these instances have been taken as signs that the app itself is on the way.

Twitter user @anontechleaks (original, we know) was the responsible party for the Windows Phone Store shot featuring the hotly anticipated application. According to its description, the app will let Windows Phone users get access to 100,000 user strong photo sharing social network, feature all the filters and tools we know and love from the Android and iOS iterations including the linear and radial tilt-shift blur options and include all the social sharing options to sites like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Best of all the app is said to be compatible with both Windows Phone 7 and 8 devices, meaning users of older handsets won’t be left out in the cold.

We still don’t know about the actual arrival of the app, but if this screenshot is to be believed, we shouldn’t have much longer to wait at all.


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