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Instagram Direct now specifically sends snaps… direct

Instagram Direct now lets you message your friends and followers individually.

Adding further flexibility to its fantastically popular photo-fiddling app, Instagram’s latest update, Instagram Direct, adds in Shapchat– and WhatsApp-aping direct messaging ability…

Send snaps straight with Instagram Direct

The new service adds a more personal-sharing edge, letting users snap away, add the favoured image-manipulating filter and then send to specific friends and family who follow them on the app, rather than just slapping it sloppily on social media sites for all and sundry to stare slack-jawed at.

In doing so a whole new Christmas tradition can begin and photos of folk in festive jumpers, the process of present peeling, along with epic epicurean excess can be captured, collated and shared instantly with friends and family across the globe, not just those stuck in the room with you.

“It’s a really fun way to bring people together around photos and videos; just like you would at home. You take out the old shoe box and show people photos of your vacation. But now in real time,” says Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom.

Similar to Snapchat then, the difference here is that your photo or video messages can be sent to up to 15 of your followers at once, and aren’t tied to a time limit after which they disappear into the online ether – a key distinction in helping you create your all-new Instagram Christmas tradition with which to bore successive generations over the decades to come. Ready? Everyone say “Baby Cheesus!”


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