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Instagram for Android demo screenshot leaked?

Instagram for Android – we know it’s coming and we know it’s coming soon. Still, that won’t stop us champing at the bit for some morsels ‘til that day arrives.

A screenshot of the forthcoming app (in demo mode) has been leaked, showing off sample pics taken from around the world, rendered with various fun filters. Strange how a vintage-themed filter can make a bottle of ketchup and some chips oh so avant garde and interesting…

Snark aside, this is a sign that we’re going to be getting some Instragram-matic goodness on our Android phones and tablets pretty soon. We say tabs because Phandroid’s take on this comes with a screen capture of an notification that looks like its popped up on the bar of a Samsung tablet.

Though it could well be a fake app masquerading as the real deal (it happens) we’re hopeful that this is a healthy sign of progress.

We’re looking forwards to snapping pics on our Galaxy S2’s and Sensations and then flipping through them at our leisure on our Transformer Primes later on. When the official app finally arrives we’ll be snapping and documenting virtually everything. Until then, there’s always Aviary for your Android photo editing shenanigans.


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