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Instagram launches Layout, a new collage making app

Instagram has announced a new app called Layout, which will let users throw together photo collages with zero effort.

With the help of Layout, users can choose a handful of snaps from their device’s camera roll and have them added to a collage. With a pinch here and a tap there, the snaps can be resized and positioned and effects can be added too, to give each project a bit of extra lustre before it’s shared with your friends via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Thankfully Layout isn’t just a simple collager though, offering a little more than many of the other titles floating about the market.

For instance, Layout also offers up a ‘Faces’ option for when you’re browsing your snapshots, allowing you to cut through all the pictures of food and landscapes, straight to photos of actual people – though why any self-respecting Instagrammer would want to overlook a nice photo of some salmon en croûte in favour of their bezzy mates, we don’t know.

Layout isn’t just for arranging previously taken images either, as you can actually use the app to take photos too. The ‘Photo Booth’ function will allow folk to set a timer and then capture a bunch of photos which will automatically be added to a new collage, ready to be tweaked and shared.

Layout looks to be a fun and creative app which is likely to go down a storm with your average Instagram user, but more than one thing about the app’s release has confounded us.

First of all, why is it a separate app at all, and not part of the Instagram effort? And second, why is Layout only available for iOS, at least initially?

Answers on a postcard, please.


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