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Instagram on Android – it’s coming

Paper Camera. Camera Zoom fx, Little Photo, there’s no shortage of camera apps on Android that enable you to grain, tint and vignette your pictures, but none have captured the hearts of mobile users quite like the Lomo-esque iOS app – Instagram. With it’s simple photo taking, effect applying and photo-sharing service making short work of what would take a Lomography user considerable time and money to do, its absence on the Android Market has been a sore spot for Android fans.

Fortunately, that’s all about to change. Instagram CEO, Kevin Systrom confirmed for the first time on Wednesday that an Android version of Instagram is indeed on its way. In addition, Instagram will start embracing in-app advertising, striking deals with relevant brand names such as Audi, Kate Spade and Burberry to ensure the end-user experience is as engaging as possible. What’s interesting about this advertising partnership is that these brands will have photostreams that users can subscribe to.

As far as a time frames goes, unfortunately, no indication was given as to when we could expect to see the Android version. In the meantime, if you’re an Android user in need of that vintage fix, check out Streamzoo, the most comparable Android app we’ve used so far.

Source: CNET Via: BG


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