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Instagram’s new ‘Photos of You’ feature will have you tagging like a fiend

If you just can’t get enough of tagging friends and family on Facebook, now you can do it on Instagram too. The photo service has introduced a new Photos of You feature that allows you to tag and mention anyone in a photo, as well places and things. Just as you’d be able to add a location and hashtags after taking a picture, Photos of You will easily let you add fellow friends on Instagram if they’re in the photo.

Push notifications will also be sent out to anyone mentioned or tagged in a photo, letting friends stay up to speed with all the latest shenanigans on the sharing service. Better yet, the Photos of You section will pull in all your mentions and display all the photos that you’ve been added to across the app.

Members can curate their profile to add or remove any photos that they like or dislike too. The Photos of You section isn’t publically visible on profile just yet, as Instagram has added a grace period to bring everyone up to speed with the new feature. That will change on may 16th, though, as Photos of You will become public on everyone’s profile.


Instagram has already pushed out an app update that adds Photos of You to iOS and Android. Want to see the new feature in action? Then peep the video below.


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