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Instagram reportedly adding video sharing to take on Vine

Which company will be the next to try and conquer video? Instagram, if a report from TechCrunch is to be believed. Facebook is holding an event on June 20th to unveil a new product, and the publication has heard from sources that the social networking giant intends to add a video recording function to Instagram.

Think of it as Instagram’s riff on Vine. You won’t be able to take videos that are minutes long, for instance, only short snippets that can be quickly shared out to other users. There have been rumblings in the past that Facebook has been working on the feature too, with reports saying that the company has been internally testing video recording ahead of its debut.

It isn’t entirely clear if you’ll be able to apply filters to video, or if you’ll just shoot as is. There aren’t any details as to whether this will be built into Instagram or placed into a separate app either. What is clear is the length of the video: just as Vine is restricted to six seconds, Facebook will limit recording to between five and ten seconds.

Can you really blame Facebook for wanting to wade into video sharing? Data from Marketing Land last week suggested that Vine shares had overtaken Instagram on Twitter for the first time since its launch. And Vine usage is only on the up-and-up now that Twitter has delivered an app for Android. Having said that, Facebook could steal some of that momentum with its own video service – the number of Instagram users is enormous, after all. In any event, we’ll find out exactly what Facebook has in store for the world in the next couple of days.


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