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Intel lays out smartphone chip platform, Atom Z2000 to bring performance on a budget?

Intel busted out a new roadmap yesterday, laying out the plans for the Atom line of processors destined for smartphones. We know about the Z2460 already, which will be used in the upcoming Orange Santa Clara, though it turns out there are two more chips to look forward to.

Intel Smartphone platform

The Atom Z2580 is a high-end chip that will provide the muscle: a dual-core chip that’s supposed to be twice as fast as the Z2460, and presumably meant to compete with the best that Qualcomm and TI have to offer. It also provides LTE connectivity as well as HSPA+.

The most interesting tidbit from Intel’s announcement is the low-end Atom chip, the Z2000. Although it will be a humble single-core chip like the Z2460, it’ll still clock in at 1Ghz, and is aimed at the budget market. Intel say the goal is to use this chip in devices that will cost $150 or less off contact.

Another rival in the budget Android smartphone market, then? Right now 800Mhz seems to be all the rage in cheap Android handsets, although the performance you get as a result isn’t anything to be impressed by. Intel could potentially bring some solid performance without breaking the bank if it works with the right partners. They’re already working with Orange on the Santa Clara which features the Z2460 – could we see an ultra budget Orange branded handset with the Z2000 in the future?

Pic credit: The Verge


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