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How to control your PC with your smartphone

Intel has rolled out a brand new app for users to control their PC from the comfort of the couch, turning a phone into a keyboard and mouse.

Intel seems to enjoy trotting out new products with zero fanfare, and only yesterday it launched a brand new smartphone app called Intel Remote Keyboard, for Android devices only, which allows lazy loafers to control their Windows desktop or laptop from afar.

The Intel Remote Keyboard app gives you a virtual QWERTY board and trackpad, allowing you to control your mouse cursor or input text as you would normally. It’s aimed at folks who have a media centre computer hooked up to their telly, and find pushing themselves out of their sofas to fiddle with the controls just that little bit too much effort.

As long as your phone and your computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and they both have the requisite apps installed, you should have no trouble pairing up.

The app works in both portrait and landscape modes, with the latter option offering up keyboard, cursor keys and a Windows button. As with other similar pieces of software, you just drag your pinky around in the blank space to control the mouse cursor. If you want a left-click you can tap with one finger, and if you want a right-click you tap with two fingers – it couldn’t really be any simpler.

You can head over to the Google Play Store and grab a copy of the app right now and it won’t cost you a penny. Nice.


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