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InvenSense demos future of motion-sensing for mobile phones

Augmented reality apps, location-based services and motion-based games just got really interesting. By adding InvenSense‘s motion sensing technology into the Wii MotionPlus, Nintendo could deliver a more accurate gaming experience. Now InvenSense has announced a similar solution for mobile phones and it’s uploaded a video (below) of it to show you exactly how it works.

According to InvenSense, the MPU-3000 “combines the world’s first 3-axis gyroscope with an embedded digital motion processor designed exclusively for mobile handsets.” InvenSense’s technology combines input information from a phone’s accelerometer and compass and integrates it with a built-in gyroscope to deliver a much more accurate experience.

As you’ll see in the video below, the reason this is so exciting is that by using InvenSense’s motion processing technology, mobile manufacturers can offer a variety of navigation options – and augmented reality apps, location-based services and motion-based games become a lot more accurate. Combine all of this with our homemade virtual reality goggles and you’ve got yourself some very good times.


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