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ION iType: Typing made easy for iPhone users

Using an iPhone for low-character count activities like Tweeting, text messaging and casual internet browsing is all well and good, but typing a full length email or proper notes can be a bit of a chore using the touchscreen. The iType, a new full-sized keyboard from ION hopes to prove the answer to iPhone owners’ prayers by bypassing the touchscreen ordeal.

The iType is a full Qwerty keyboard with raised keys and is powered by batteries so you’re not tethered to a power outlet. We quite like the look of it probably because, as Slashgear rightly points out, there is more than a little ZX Spectrum styling in it. No word yet on pricing or retailers, but look out for more details later this year.

Update: Engadget reports that the iType keypad only works within the iType app, so you have to copy and paste text into emails or text messages.



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