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iOrgan Donor: Someone should make this

Yesterday Steve Jobs appeared on stage and stated that he was alive and kicking thanks to the liver of a 20-year-old who died in a car crash. The odd thing is that while blood and organ donation is so important to all our lives, hospitals still struggle to find enough donors.

To help combat the ignorance, or more likely lack of glamour, surrounding organ donation we think someone should create a mobile app that makes it really easy to register as a blood or organ donor, and uses current technology to provide more information around it.

iOrgan Donor would include: an easy registration form with a secure validation system. Information, such as which city you’re in, would be uploaded to a centralised database which hospitals would have access to. Using GPS it could locate the nearest blood donor centres to you on Google Maps.

The app could include videos like these, showing people who have benefited from organ donation. You could even integrate Twitter so that it tweets, “I’ve just signed up to be an organ donor,” or “I’ve just given blood.” There are plenty of cool things that could be done, so who’s going to build it?


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