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iOS 5.1 camera unlocker: There’s no security flaw

Having just updated our iPhone 4 to iOS 5.1, we can confirm that there’s no such security problem with the new camera unlocker.

We heard reports that the new unlock screen, which gives you quicker access to your iPhone’s camera, could be used to get into an iPhone from the back door, so to speak.

The trick involved you unlocking with the camera, taking a picture and then tapping on the gallery icon bottom right to have a look at your pic. The idea was that then you’d be able to tap the home button and hop to the main menu.

All this is true – if you’ve not set a PIN code on your iPhone.

If you’ve set up a password then any attempts to get into an iPhone in this manner will see you prompted to enter the 4-digit code like normal.

If you’ve not set up a PIN code, well, then your iPhone’s not very secure in the first place.

One thing we’ve noticed is that you can’t seem to be able to access the full gallery from the lock screen. You’re greeted with a big white ‘your iPhone is locked’ message if you do.

To set your iPhone’s PIN code, go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock. 

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