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iOS 5.1 leak: sliding camera shortcut and Japanese Siri?

It’s been a screen sliding filled morning. With Google having just patented a cool sliding unlock system, an iOS 5.1 leak has also just been outed indicated a sliding camera shortcut, with a Japanese Siri in the works too.

Portuguese blog, BlogdoiPhone has leaked screenshots they claim to be iOS 5.1, as picked up by 9to5mac. Claiming to have received these from a local carrier, odds are, we’ll be seeing the OS in the next month with the iPad 3 expected to land March 7th.

The camera shortcut is activated by pressing the homescreen. While previous versions of iOS included an on-screen camera button which could easily be pressed accidentally, the new camera shortcut needs to be dragged up to activate it, reducing erroneous finger and palm photos around the world.

Japanese Siri was on the cards but with no set release in sight. The inclusion of it in these iOS 5.1 leaks is a good indication as to when it might land. When is that you ask? If the iPad 3 gets Siri, probably March 7th. If it doesn’t, then the iPhone 4S should have the additional language update shortly after.


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