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How to get Passbook apps on your iPhone

Following the announcement of Passbook at Apple’s WWDC earlier this year, prospective users were left in the dark as to who would support the new service but an initial batch of companies who operate in the UK are starting to emerge.

In the following video we show you how to get Passbook apps on your iPhone.


If you haven’t heard of Passbook, it’s a significant new addition to the feature set now available on iOS 6-capable devices, namely the likes of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 and we show you how it works in our post ‘What is Passbook?’.

Passbook hands-on were the first to catch wind of which companies intended to support the new service and in what capacity. As the service accommodates a range of different types of tickets, from store loyalty cards to travel tickets, different companies intend to utilise Passbook in different ways.

Ticketmaster has confirmed it will tie Passbook into ticketing infrastructure, so iOS 6 users will likely be able to book, purchase and then store their tickets on their iPhone.

Marks & Spencer have said that customers will be able to use Passbook to hold redeemable coupons, presumably designed to marry up with timely in-store promotions.

Virgin Atlantic has confirmed it will be one of the first airlines to offer e-tickets through Passbook, which will allow the user to see information on their gate number and flight times alongside using their ticket as a digital boarding pass. What’s more should flight information have to be corrected, Passbook travel tickets such as these update automatically and notify the user when they do so.

Food chain Harvester has start a Passbook coupon campaign which gives customers £5 off, whenever they spend over £30 and most recently coffee chain Starbucks have announced that they will be integrating their Starbucks store cards into the Passbook infrastructure for users to utilise.


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