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iOS 7 could include Flickr and Vimeo integration

Apple introduced tight Twitter and facebook integration into previous versions of iOS, and the company may make similar social network interactions available in iOS 7. 9to5Mac hears from sources that iOS 7 will add Flickr and Vimeo to the roster of third-party services entwined with the operating system.

Just like with Twitter and Facebook, users will be able to sign into their Flickr and Vimeo accounts directly from iOS’s Settings app. From there, sharing options will be easily accessible that will let people push out whatever content they choose to the relevant social network. That could mean Flickr for photos, and Vimeo for video.

The publication’s source says that these features are still in testing, however, and that they could be removed before the final version of iOS 7 is made public. Flickr seems like a natural choice for full-size photo sharing – especially given the recent overhaul – but Vimeo is the most interesting tidbit. Tight Vimeo integration, for instance, could indicate that Apple is continuing on its path to rely on Google as little as possible. A standalone upload app for YouTube is available on the App Store, but baking video uploads into iOS would be far easier for general users and steer some away from YouTube.

Naturally, the iOS integration is good news for Flickr and Vimeo. Twitter told the world that signups to the social network increased by 25% per month shortly after the service was integrated into iOS 5. If Flickr and Vimeo do indeed make the grade in iOS 7, it could give them some much-needed mindshare and mainstream relevancy.


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