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iOS 7 includes revamped Camera and Photo apps

Apple is still rolling through the iOS 7 changes at WWDC 2013, but it’s also improving the core apps of the operating system. The company has introduced new Camera and Photo apps, bringing some much needed improvements over iOS 6.

The new Camera app has been redesigned to bring it in line with the rest of iOS 7. All the modes for the camera are now easily accessible just above the shutter button, letting people quickly swipe between photos, video, and a cropped picture. In addition, Apple is included camera filters directly within the app. As you would expect, all the usual filters are there, negating the need for third-party apps if you want to keep filtered photos locally.

Photos has also been overhauled to support a new user interface. No longer will people have to scroll through an endless list of photos. Instead, photos have been organized into different categories – called “Moments” – that can be easily accessed. A massive list won’t be displayed for photos either. Instead, they’ll be bundled together in a cluster, with users having to pinch to zoom in or scrub for a specific photo. Filters can be applied within the Photo app, and you can also share pictures out using the new AirDrop mode, or push it out to a Photo Stream on iCloud.

Finally, Apple will now allow video to be shared out to iCloud. Sharing video has been fairly difficult in the past, so it’s good to see Apple implementing this directly into the OS. There’s still more to come from iOS 7, though, so stick around.


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