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iOS 7 brings improved Siri and car integration

Love Siri but don’t think the voice assistant can perform enough tasks? Apple is further improving the service in iOS 7. The app has seen a total redesign that falls in line with the rest of iOS 7. No longer is the Siri backdrop a drab black and gray. Instead, Siri will pull up a transparent backdrop against the rest of your apps, with larger, cleaner text.

Siri will also add some new functionality. Users will now be able to choose between male and female voices – before they were restricted by regions – with the audio work itself also improved over the old Siri. The voice assistant will now be able to pull in more results from the web too, with Apple introducing Wikipedia and Twitter integration. Apple has even apparently added Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, eschewing the need for Google.

In addition, Apple introduced “iOS in the Car”. The new feature will allow you to mirror iOS over to your car’s display, with dozens of manufacturers pledging to build the functionality into their vehicles. Features such as Maps and Messages will be accessible using iOS in the Car, meaning drivers won’t have to glance down at their phone while driving.

Still, iOS in the Car won’t be making an official appearance until 2014. Until then, you’ll simply have to mount your phone on the dashboard or use a manufacturer’s system already installed in your car.


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