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iOS 7 officially announced with a radical new user interface

Apple has taken the wraps off of iOS 7 at WWDC 2013.  Apple is calling it “the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone”, and that definitely seems to be true. Just like the rumours suggested, the mobile operating system has seen a dramatic redesign. Skeuomorphic elements look to have been completely eliminated, with Apple instead opting for a black, white, and flat interface.

Cupertino has seen fit to redesign all the core icons for iOS 7, and included other visual tweaks too. Fonts and text sizes have been altered, with Apple also introducing transparent and translucent apps and menus that provide visual context. Even if you drill down into more specific areas, you’ll notice dramatic changes. The signal bar, for instance, does away with bars and instead introduces dots. The battery icon also looks to have flattened, now coming in black as well as white.

There’s even a new control panel that slides up from the bottom of the phone that provides quick access to crucial settings, such as Wi-Fi. Apple has also added animated home and lockscreens, a feature that Android has supported for some time. Other visual cues include a motion tracking feature, which tilts the icons towards your perspective when you move the phone. 

Apps like email, calendar, and weather have all been revamped with these new flat elements. Apple even made a particular point about removing the “green felt” from Game Centre, a knock on the old skeuomorphic elements found in iOS 6. That’s not all iOS 7 includes, of course: we’ll update you with more as Apple announces it.


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