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iOS 7 redesign further detailed

Apple is expected to spill the full details on iOS 7 at its upcoming WWDC event on June 10th, but more details of the refreshed OS have emerged in the meantime. Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac has pieced together what he’s heard from sources as well as past reports to paint a clearer picture of exactly what we might see come WWDC.

According to 9to5Mac’s sources, Apple isn’t going to radically change OS, but it will feature a “very, very flat” design. Textures and patterns found in the real world – like stitched leather – will reportedly be removed in favour of a simpler and cleaner look. One of the publication’s sources even likened the new look to Windows Phone, saying iOS 7 approached levels of “flatness” not far off Microsoft’s Metro UI.

That doesn’t mean the OS will be more difficult to use. 9to5Mac says that the learning curve of iOS 7 isn’t any different to previous version of Apple’s mobile OS, and key features such as the Home and Lock Screen are said to be “very similar” to how they are today. Still, the visual redesign will apparently include new icons for core Apple apps, as well as new tool and tab bar designs.

Apple is also said to have been testing new ways for users to digest information in iOS 7. That might include “glanceable” information in the notification area, but it’s unclear if Apple will ultimately include those features in the final version of iOS 7. Previous reports have indicated that iOS 7 will feature a “significant system-wide UI overhaul”, with the new design tipped to remove “rich textures” and other skeuomorphic element. This latest information seems to back all that up, but we’ll have to wait until WWDC 2013 to see exactly what Apple has in store.


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