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iOS 8 Camera Features Review

We test out the new iOS 8 camera features, ahead of the official roll-out in the UK, including Time Lapse and Manual Focus

Apple is set to roll out iOS 8 in the next month or so, shortly after the massive iPhone 6 launch (currently scheduled for September 9th if rumours are to be believed), and one of the most exciting changes is the new camera UI. It hasn’t changed much in look, but Apple has added some very cool new features, including an awesome Time Lapse mode and Manual Focus.

Here’s our run-down of the best new iOS 8 camera features.

Time Lapse is our new favourite iOS 8 camera feature, allowing you to shoot awesome clips of people swarming through a scene, or your entire treacherous night bus journey home.

Manual Focus is a great way to take macro shots or get a good bit of boche into your snaps. Meanwhile, Exposure Control gives you improved manual control over your shot’s composition.

You can also now finally set a timer for photos, something we’d hoped to see many years ago, but better late than never, eh, Apple?

We’ll have more features to pore over when iOS 8 officially hits, so check back soon for our full iOS 8 alpha review.

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