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Torrenting comes to iOS

A new iOS app allows iPhone and iPad users to download any torrent file, but you better get it quick before Apple slams the door shut again…

We never thought we’d see the day, but it’s now possible to download torrented files directly onto your iPhone or iPad, using a new BitTorrent client app called Blue Downloader.

Blue Downloader is the first BitTorrent app to allow torrent downloads on iOS App Store

Until now, Apple has clamped down on any BitTorrent apps due to the slightly ropey legal nature of many torrents. However, Blue Downloader appears to have bucked the trend by initially only supporting ‘a few trusted sources’ – even though the developer now allows access to all torrent sites via Google.

We’re guessing it’s only a matter of time before Apple pulls Blue Downloader for ‘infringing third party rights’, but for now you can grab it from the App Store for £1.99.

“There is an unfortunate stigma associated with torrent downloading,” Blue Downloader developer Harrison Tyler told TorrentFreak in a recent interview. “Even though there is almost an equal amount of illegal files on the Internet to regularly download, people still crack down on the evils of BitTorrent.”



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