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iPad 2 concept: iPhone 4 design, FaceTime and SD card storage

Already the cogs and gears of the iPad 2 rumour mill have begun a-crankin’. This concept from Joy Studios showcases what they think an iPad 2 would look like and what improvements it would feature.

Design-wise it resembles an enlarged iPhone 4 with the same metal band around the edges and the same glass exterior. Additions include a front-facing 3-megapixel camera for FaceTime and an SD card slot for removable storage. There’s also a mini HDMI output suggesting that you could hook up your iPad 2 to an HD Ready TV – FaceTime on a 32-inch plasma anyone?

Seeing as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the BlackBerry PlayBook both sport cameras and memory card slots it would make sense for the next iPad to at least match its competitors in these areas. As always it’s anyone’s guess what the real iPad 2 will look like and feature – and even if it’ll be called iPad 2. Joy Studios concept art and video has however whetted our appetites.

Source: Joy Studios via ElectricPig


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