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iPad 2 has ‘the best tablet display‘, beats Android competition

There’s nothing more important to a tablet than the quality of its screen; especially given you’ll be staring at it a lot.

But with all the recent additions, in widely varying sizes, which tablet has the best screen?

It’s a subjective beast, but PCWorld have gathered together a collection of the top tablets, and pitted their screens against each.

Although the BlackBerry PlayBook is noticeably absent, you’ll find an extensive comparison table of the top tablets, which we’ve replicated below. They tested the screens across typical display tests, alongside several different photos.

The larger iPad lead across the board, whilst HTC Flyer also put up an admirable showing for the PC World testers.

On the iPad 2, they said it had; “had the best colour balance and accuracy, and it showed the best distribution of colours on our gray-scale and colour images.”

Android tablets, despite the rash of competitors, were beat by the smaller HTC Flyer and the original Samsung Galaxy Tab, both of which weren’t even running the very latest tablet-centric Android Honeycomb (3.0).

A quality screen is a difficult balancing act between the physical properties of the tablet; like high reflectivity, viewing angles, resolution and the components it’s made of, and the software can add improvements like sub-pixel rendering- behind-the-scenes adjustments said to improve the quality of images on a screen.

Sony Ericsson added improvements to its own range of Xperia smartphones with the Mobile Bravia Engine, which adds a noticeable difference to the quality of photos and videos.

So, the iPad wins in a broad, albeit subjective screen test. Recombu recently compared the HTC Flyer and the BlackBerry PlayBook, and we thought the PlayBook had a sharper whiteness for reading text, and the Flyer’s colour palette was often slightly saturated.

Over to you.; which tablet has the best screen? Let us know in the comments below.



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