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iPad 2: In production now, say ‘people familiar with the matter’

The next iPad is already in production, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. The rumoured changes coming to the next iPad read like a list of Obvious Upgrades.

The WSJ expect it to be thinner, lighter, and faster (blank face), with at least one front-facing camera-no mention of a back camera here.

It should also come with more memory which should allow for better multitasking with apps, in tandem with a meatier graphics processor for streaming video and gaming fun. (Eyes start to glaze over.)

We’ve used a picture taken from CES in January- it’s an iPad 2 mock-up for  forthcoming iPad 2 cases, showing a slightly skinnier iPad.

The most interesting bit to come from the WSJ report is that “people familiar with the matter” say that the new iPad won’t be getting a renovated screen- they expect resolution to be similar to the current iPad. What, no eye-burning retina screen?

Apple are expected to up their tablet game, following a raft of tablet announcements by several companies, including BlackBerry’s PlayBook, the dual-core powered LG Optimus Tablet and Motorola’s Xoom. We expect to see more details revealed on all of these, and even more tablet announcements at industry show, Mobile World Congress.

Via: Wall Street Journal


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