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iPad 2 launch: Through the eyes of Charlie Brooker

Charlie Brooker told it how it is last night, ranting furiously (and quite rightly) on some of the more pointless…er, points of the new iPad. He’s not happy. Which makes us happy.

It primarily focuses on that cringeworthy, overblown promotion video, full of spurious claims. “It will change the way doctors practice medicine.” A touchscreen computer at a hospital sounds like MRSA outbreak waitng to happen…

Good points about the weird side of the Cult of Apple, and excessive cheering had us nodding along.

It’s a bit of a shame this didn’t get picked up as much as the Conan O’Brien clip earlier today. We can do the funnies too. Embrace Mr.Brooker, he’s one of us.

Catch it on 4OD, or unofficially, we managed to embed a video for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.


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