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iPad 2 launching on the 1st of February?

With CES over and MWC on the horizon, what’s better to fill the time in between than a nice juicy rumour? Rumours don’t come much juicier than ones about Apple products either.

This one says that the launch date for the iPad 2 is slated for the 1st of February, less than a month’s time.

This news comes by way of one Kevin Rose, who says that there’ll be front and back cameras (no, really?) and a display with a “ “higher dpi” [than the iPad]” but one that’s “not technically a retina display”.

With a slew of rival tablets like the Motorola Xoom stealing all the CES thunder, you could understand Apple wanting to announce the iPad 2 between now and Mobile World Congress, which starts on the 14th of February.

But then again, trying to second-guess Apple is like trying to divine the future by looking at fox intestines. We’ll be taking this with a pinch of salt, but will be keeping an eye out all the same.

Source: Kevin Rose via Phone Home


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