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iPad 2 + Photo Booth + a cat

What good is a device with a digital camera if you’re not going to take silly pictures of your pets? I’ve spent the morning messing about with Photo Booth on the iPad 2, taking some funny pictures of my cat. I thought I’d upload them here to give you an idea of how the various Photo Booth effects look, and to introduce you to Tigger (he’s 15 human years old and likes sleeping).

So without further ado, here’s some more cat pictures for the internet to enjoy. Happy Caturday everyone!

What a cat cleaning itself looks like when filtered through the psychedelic majesty of the Thermal Camera effect on Photo Booth.

“And here we have a prime example of a felis catus stalking aboout his terrioty, sniffing around for potential intruders… “

If you shoot a video of your cat with the X-Ray filter, you can pretend to be Sir David Attenborough, observing the behaviour of the domesticated cat at night time. Ok, maybe that’s just us. Moving on…

The Light Tunnell effect, ideal for sending cats into hyperspace. Or something.

What’re you looking at? The Mirror filter of Photo Booth in action.

The Twirl setting creates an ‘S’-shaped distortion field which you can drag around the screen. Here, I’ve used it to turn Tigger into a kind of cat-weasel. Isn’t that some sort of Pokemon?

Speaking of Pokemon, here’s what my cat looks like through the Squeeze filter. Photo Booth: Turning cats into Pikachus since 2010. It’s super effective!

The opposite to the Squeeze filter is the Stretch effect. Now instead of a cat I have a droopy striped fox.

It’s a catleidoscope! See what we did there? Obviously, this is the Kaleidoscope filter.

And the Normal setting. Surprisingly, things look pretty normal. After all the fuss of having to pose for the camera, Tigger has had enough and is off to sleep for 13 hours.


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