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iPad 2 shots surface: Super skinny 7mm body, super skinny camera lens and 3D display?

There’s less than a week to go before Apple unveils the iPad 2 at it’s event on the 2nd of March. But a week is a long time in the Internet; plenty of time for a boatloated of leaked spec, pictures, blueprints and dossiers on Apple’s new slab to come flying out of the Rumorsphere.

These pictures, purported to be of iPad 2 mock ups, have surfaced over on Japanese blog iBlackBox.

They’re saying that the iPad 2 is a super skinny 7mm thick (via Google Translate: “Looking at the mockups iPad2 than the thickness of about 6mm thin iPad [13mm]”). This which would put it in same category as NEC’s Medias N-04C in terms of thickness.

It could be that these dimensions just refer to the outer casing of the iPad 2 rather than the full thing, or it’s a shot of an early design. It certainly looks a lot slimmer than the first iPad in the picture above. It also reminds us a lot of that iPad 2 case that was shown off at CES this year.

iBlackBox is also reporting that the iPad 2 will feature some kind of ‘3D display’, presumably like that which we’ve seen on the LG Optimus Pad and Optimus 3D. There’s no stereoscopic camera set up here though, so presumably it won’t be able to record video in 3D.

Speaking of cameras, we presume that the little indentation in the top left corner of the casing is where the main camera will sit. Looks awfully small to us.

As with all things of this nature, we’d advise that you help yourself to a pinch of salt. But it’s certainly food for thought until the official main course arrives on the 2nd of March.

Source: 9to5Mac via TechRadar


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