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‘iPad 2’ shows up in China (with a seriously wonky screen)

With under a day away from Apple’s official iPad announcement, some someone out in China thought it was time for yet another picture leak- this time of a slim-line iPad 2, Air or S, depending on how you want to name it.

Although the people at DGtle aren’t sure themselves of the legitimacy of the device, the seriously wonkaloid screen makes us have serious doubts. It could even be a paper placeholde beneath the screen, and it’s not remotely squared with the black bezel- check the top status bar.

The colours are also particularly washed out- not very iPaddy, which makes Recombu think that perhaps, even if the casing is official, the innards certainly aren’t.

The iPad ticks all the boxes of what we’re expecting to see at 6pm tonight; a slimmer profile, flatter shape, and dual cameras are all present. But is that it?

This prototype also has a sloped power switch and headphone jack, and the typically black cover at the top of the device is white. Give us eight hours, and we can confirm whether this is the real deal or not. We’ll be live-blogging from the event- follow us on Twitter for a blow-by-blow report tonight.

Via: Engadget


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