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iPad 2: What’s in the box + hands on pics

It seems like only yesterday that we got hold of our first iPad. How the time flies eh? Believe it or not the iPad 2 is finally here and luckily we’ve been able to get our hands on one.

There’s much that we already know about the device thanks to Apple’s extensive preview at the event held on the 2nd of March. Consequently, there’s lots of things we can’t wait to get started on, things like iMovie, Photo Booth and FaceTime, just to name a few.

But before we plough on with our main review and start tinkering around, we thought that you’d appreciate a look inside and see what you get in the box. To cut a long story short, you get exactly what you’d expect; mains charger, USB cable, wafer-thin instruction manuals and of course a couple of white Apple logo stickers. All the same, you wouldn’t mind a closer look at the iPad 2 would you? Thought not.

Close-up shot of the iPad 2’s power button, main camera lens, screen lock/orientation tool and volume rocker.

The 3.5mm audio jack of the iPad 2 with the micro SIM card tray/launcher ’round the corner.

The same paperclip-style opening device that came with the first iPad and the iPhone 4 comes included here. The micro SIM launcher/tray pops out easily and once snugly back in place, is perfectly flush with the rest of the device. Isn’t it pretty?

The mains/USB charger/port of the iPad 2 in all its quadrilateral glory. Note also the FCC, CE and Please Don’t Recycle Your iPad 2 marks.

The iPad 2 showing off its smooth matt-finish back and rounded corners.

Side-by-side with the old iPad there up on the left. It’s hard to appreciate from these pictures, but the iPad 2 is noticeably lighter in the hand compared to the original.

Another side-by-side shot of the iPad 2 (foreground) next to its older sibling. This gives you a better idea of how much thinner it is.

As does this. We hate to go on about how much lighter the iPad 2 is, but it really does feel a lot more portable and less weighty than the original. Despite this, it still feels like a solid and sturdy piece of kit.

There’s the lens of the forward-facing VGA of the iPad 2, mounted opposite the circular menu button. You’ll be using this for all kinds of FaceTime and PhotoBooth silliness.

The iPad 2 with an iPhone 4 sitting on its lap, again giving you an idea of the iPad 2’s size. Hard to believe that it’s thinner than an iPhone 4 but there you go.

Again, another shot demonstrating the iPad’s relative slimness.

Another shot of the iPad 2 from the back with the iPhone 4 and some colourful origami cranes. Sadly, these won’t come included with your iPad 2.

As well as trimming down the size of the iPad 2 itself, Apple has made sure that the instruction manuals are suitably minimal. No V5-sized start up manuals here – simple and to the point.

And er… what’s this? It’s the usual two-part plug and USB cable of course. Speaking of which, it’s high time we plugged this bad boy in and started syncing. Stay tuned for some more pics.


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