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iPad 3: Accessory names point to it not being called iPad 2S (but maybe iPad HD)

If its not intrepid mechanics literally putting pieces of the puzzle together or street magicians showing exclusive reveals on their YouTube channels then its third party accessory makers giving us details on the forthcoming Apple iPad 3.

Placeholder pages for cases and accessories for devices being called the ‘iPad 3’ are all but cementing iPad 3 as the bona fide, official name of the next Apple tablet.

Belkin has been busy putting up pages for screenguard protectors for an ‘iPad 3’ on its German and Italian sites before hastily taking them down. Luckily, some eagle eyes at ITProPortal spotted the page and Google Cached one for our perusal.

Last week a list of Belkin and Griffin products were obtained and posted by Gizmodo, with retailers talking about an ‘iPad HD (3)’.

The ‘3’ in brackets obviously hints at these referring to the iPad 3 and the ‘HD’ part of the name is a reference to the screen – the iPad 3 is rumoured to have a display resolution of 2048×1536 and the rumoured 8-megapixel camera is said to record 1080p HD video. Looks like this is more of a placeholder name.

Elsewhere we’ve seen a listing for a ‘Rugged Folio iPad 3/2 Blk/pool Blue’ on a Belgian Wal-Mart page, suggesting that the exteriors of the two tablets won’t be that different. Not a trace of anything called the ‘iPad 2S’ anywhere.

Only two days to go mind before we see the real deal.


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