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iPad 3 leaked parts brought together to create mock-up tablet

We have seen a number of leaked parts for the iPad 3, most recently the one clearly showing the home button that was rumoured to be missing from the device. Despite all these leaks, we just can’t wait to see the final product next Wednesday.


 iPad 3 front side view 


If that is too far off for some of you, then you’re in luck as the chaps over MIC Gadget have got hold of some of these leaked parts and cobbled them together to create a make-shift tablet. The below video includes what the tablet’s casing and front glass will look like together, and tries-on a few iPad 3 cases and Smart Covers. They have also produced a neat side-by-side comparison of the iPad 3 and iPad 2. It also includes a rather jazzy soundtrack …



The site has doubts on the rumour that the iPad 3 will support 4G, commenting that the market for 4G is too small for Apple to invest in the LTE chipset. This does make sense, but seen as we will have a good long wait for 4G in the UK, it is no real difference for it not to be included.

As we reported previously, the iPad 3 is suspected to come in the usual sizes and the price is to stay the same, which is good news. All rumours, speculation and leaks will be put to bed once and for all on Wednesday 7th March at 10am PST – 6pm for us in the UK – and we can finally see the iPad 3. Stay tuned with us here for more information as it comes.


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