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iPad 3 price not to change from iPad 2

Previous rumours have stated that the new Apple iPad 3 will go on sale at a mark up on the original Apple iPad 2 prices – increasing $70-$80 due to the higher specifications. Thankfully has reported that this is inaccurate according to its illustrious secret tipster, Mr X.

Price matrix for the iPad 2


Mr X states that the US pricing is not going to change, which is a strong indication that this will be the same in the UK. Storage capacities are also reported to be the same at 16GB, 32GB and 64GB –  so there’s no indication there will be an 8GB version as yet.

So if pricing is unchanged, n we can expect the 16GB WiFi model to be £399, the 32GB of the same WiFi only version to set you back £479 and finally the 64GB for £559. If you go for 3G, the price goes to £499 for the 16GB, £579 for the 32GB and £659 for the 64GB.

Of course this is a rumour at the moment, but we’ll bring you more news later this week when the tablet is officially unveiled.


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