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iPad 3 to bring price hike over current models?

Potentially bad news for those looking to score an iPad 3 when it’s eventually released: you could be looking at a price increase over the iPad 2.

MacRumors points to information from Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. An image surfaced there with a table of pricing, comparing the prices of the iPad 2 and unannounced iPad 3 in US dollars. The table seems to suggest that there will be an $80 price increase on all the WiFi models of the iPad 3, while the 3G models will see a $70 increase.

The information is, of course, unverified, and could simply be speculative. It’s possible that iPad prices could be raised to accommodate the much rumoured “Retina” display at 2048×1536 resolution, which certainly wouldn’t be cheap to produce, even with Apple’s infamous supply chain deals. Other specs are said to include either an improved A5 dual-core processor, or A6 quad-core processor.

Currently the iPad 3 is rumoured to be announced during the first week of March, so there’s not long to go now until the big unveil.

Update: the new iPad has been revealed and you can check out our review here


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