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iPad app Big Fork Little Fork teaches healthy eating to kids

Food giant Kraft has launched a new iPad app that aims to teach parents and kids alike about smarter eating – presumably while instilling in them a love of Dairylea, Kenco, Toblerone, Ritz Crackers and Philadelphia, among other brands owned by the company.

Okay, that’s a bit cynical – the app looks pretty good. It offers a mixture of recipes and video tutorials for meals, including some designed for picky eaters. The idea is that parents and their children end up cooking together, which is a recipe for family harmony (or, alternatively, jam and eggs all over the kitchen walls).

There are also games to teach kids about the food pyramid, and get them adding up ingredients for a virtual restaurant. And for those of you who prefer your meals to be more British in tone (i.e. everyone sitting in awkward silence), there’s a ‘Dinnertime 911’ feature that offers conversation starters. Like ‘If you don’t wipe those eggs off the wall, you’re going to your bedroom…’ perhaps.

Sadly for us Brits, this app is US-only for now, so it’s not out yet on the UK App Store.



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