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iPad chopping board is multifunctional: Does breakfast and supper

There’s something about the iPad that seems to be get people’s culinary juices flowing. Ever since it made its debut, we’ve been trying to shoehorn our iPads into the kitchen with wipe-clean covers, in-cupboard iPad stands, recipe apps and we’ve even, in some brilliant cases, been eating off them.

With this in mind, along with the fact that we’re suckers for basic homewares inspired by our favourite mobile devices, we just had to show you this iPad chopping board.

Try and overlook the unfathomable icon inclusions (do you chop tea? or coffee? or pills?) and the low battery charge. Instead amuse yourself by imagining all the cheese, boiled eggs, bread and something that may or may not be a sausage you can chop up once you invest your £13 (15 Euros).

After all, as the description states, it’s multifunctional – you can use it for breakfast, supper and everything inbetween. Clearly it’s a must-have.

[MyBrett via Craziest Gadgets]


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