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iPad gets Chocolate attack interactive storybook app

iPads are huge for children. Literally – they have small hands after all – but also in terms of popularity. Which is a polite way of saying many iPad-owning parents have to prise their tablet out of the hands of their kids several times a day.

New app Chocolate Attack could restore harmony, since it’s an app designed to be shared by parents and children. It’s the work of Apologue Entertainment, which developed the app, and Crystal Mack, who wrote and illustrated the actual story.

It’s the first in a planned series of apps under the slightly-worrying brand of ‘Manic Freak Outs’. Which co-incidentally, is exactly what’s experienced by parents when they discover their child has spilled Ribena all over their precious iPad…

Anyway, Chocolate Attacks is all about a ‘young chocoholic’ called Missy, who goes on an adventure to satisfy her sweet tooth. The app includes animation and interactivity on each page – “Airplanes zoom across the sky, water spouts from a fire hydrant, and chocolates are gobbled up, all with a touch of the finger,” explains its App Store listing.

It looks beautiful. If your kids have tired of the excellent Alice In Wonderland iPad app, Chocolate Attacks looks like being your next essential iPad purchase.


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