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iPad gets FindMeTV personal TV guide app

If you’re anything like us, much of your iPad time will be spent loafing about on the sofa, with a TV on in the background. FindMeTV is a new app that capitalises on that, offering a powerful, personalised TV guide.

The basics: it offers programme listings for the next 14 days, and lets you create alerts for specific shows, and build your own TV schedule. It links to archived shows on the BBC’s iPlayer, and ties into BSkyB’s Sky+ to let you set recordings from within the app itself.

You can set FindMeTV up according to whoever your TV supplier is, including Sky, Virgin Media, Freeview and Freesat, along with plain old analogue (although we wonder what the crossover is between ‘people with an iPad’ and ‘people who haven’t upgraded to digital TV yet).

The personalisation comes under a section called MYtv, and the app even offers recommendations of shows you might like, based on your usage.

It sounds like developer Vizimo has grand ambitions for FindMeTV too: future updates will cache data to work offline, add Twitter and Facebook features, add more catch-up TV services, and link in to the existing web and iPhone versions. At £2.99, it’s a digital couch potato’s dream.


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