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iPad gets its first Grand Theft Auto-style game

Mobile games publisher Gameloft has launched its Gangstar: West Coast Hustle game as an HD version for iPad. If you’ve not played the iPhone version, it’s one of the better attempts at a Grand Theft Auto style gangster game on Apple’s handset.

The game sees you driving around Los Angeles taking out rival gang members and completing missions. Like GTA, it’s a sandbox-style game giving you the freedom to accept missions when you want, or simply enjoy the scenery. Gameloft says it’s beefed up the graphics for iPad, including “high definition modeling and richer textures” for all the cars.

It also lets you tweak the controls to suit your style, including a choice of touchscreen or accelerometer steering for when you’re driving. There are also exclusive weapons for the iPad version of the game: a grenade launcher and golden guns.

Worth £4.99? Definitely. Although be warned, Rockstar just announced that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will be released for iPad later this month, so hardcore GTA fans may wish to hang on for that.


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