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iPad jailbroken within hours of release

Literally moments after the new iPad went on sale to the masses, hackers everywhere got started trying to open up the iOS 5.1 tablet. This process can take weeks, but not for one eagle eyed hacker by the name of Stefan Esser. As reported by Engadget, ion1c, as he is known on Twitter, not only became one of the first to jailbreak the newest creation from Apple but did it in phenomenal time.

 iPad jailbreak in action 

Stefan tweeted on Friday morning to say his iPad had arrived and before the day had ended, he posted his video on YouTube with the jailbreak in action. It is reported that his video had 28 likes even before he had finished loading the full video and it now stands at 126,827 views and 642 likes.

Stefan was not alone in his feat, joining him was Dev-Team’s very own iPhone hacker MuscleNerd who took to twitter to announce his achievement. He posted pictures of his new iPad running the Cydia Store and a terminal app, both of which can only appear on jailbroken devices.

The jailbreak is not yet available to download, but you can check out Stefan’s video below: 


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