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iPad music-making double whammy: KORG iMS-20 and ReBirth

Today is a good day for iPad-owning vintage electronica fans, as long as they’ve got 19 quid to spare. Two retro music-making apps have been released for Apple’s tablet: KORG iMS-20 and ReBirth for iPad.

The former is a full (but virtual) version of the famous KORG MS-20 analog synth, offering a proper analog sequencer, drum machine and mixer, as well as dual Kaoss Pads – which may mean nothing to you, but the mere mention of it had all of our music-techy mates dribbling this morning.

The app also ties into the SoundCloud web service, to help you publish your tracks for the world to listen to or collaborate on – a very neat touch for music-makers. The app costs £9.49 for now, but will apparently have its price doubled at the end of January next year.

ReBirth is another recreated retro music tool, although it was originally software rather than hardware. On computers, ReBirth emulated a Roland TB-303 bass synth and Roland TR-808 and 909 drum machines, allowing all manner of squiggly acid mayhem.

It got an iPhone version earlier this year, but now has a native iPad edition that looks note-perfect against our memories of the desktop version. A 2010 twist is provided by the inclusion of song-sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and it costs £8.99.

Suffice to say, these apps aren’t really for casual use – if you want to bash out a few rhythms there are more accessible apps available for iPad. However, the fact that both ReBirth and KORG iMS-20 are available for iPad is big news indeed for more serious music-makers.


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