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iPad Pro 9.7 battery life review: charge and discharge test vs other iPads

We test the iPad Pro 9.7’s battery, with a full charge and discharge test to see how battery life and quick charging compares with the original iPad Pro 12.9 and iPad Air 2.

Apple’s iPads are some of the best tablets out there when it comes to battery life, offering all-day use on a single charge. But how long does the iPad Pro 9.7 take to charge and how long can it last in our battery tests? And how does the Pro 9.7’s battery life and charging times compare with other popular iPads like the Pro 12.9 and Air 2?

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How long does the iPad Pro 9.7 battery take to fully charge?

For our battery charge test, we first drained the iPad Pro 9.7’s battery, so it was at zero percent. We then connected the iPad Pro 9.7 directly to the mains using Apple’s bundled charger plug and Lightning cable, and timed how long it takes to fully charge the tablet while it’s not in use.

Under these conditions, the iPad Pro 9.7 takes just under four hours to fully charge.

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Can the iPad Pro 9.7 charge faster than the iPad Pro 12.9 and the iPad Air 2?

The original 12.9-inch iPad Pro takes nearly five hours to charge to one hundred percent under the same conditions, due to its bigger battery. That’s an hour longer than the iPad Pro 9.7.

Meanwhile the iPad Air 2 takes around two hours and 45 minutes to completely charge from empty. That’s over an hour less than the iPad Pro 9.7 and two hours less than the iPad Pro 12.9, making it the fastest-charging iPad in our tests.

How does the iPad Pro 9.7’s battery life compare to the Pro 12.9 and Air 2?

Our standard battery life test involves powering up the device until the battery is fully charged, then bumping up the brightness to maximum and streaming a video over WiFi until the battery dies.

The iPad Pro 9.7 lasted for just a shade under seven hours under these conditions. The iPad Air 2’s battery life is roughly the same as the iPad Pro 9.7’s, offering a shade under seven hours of media streaming.¬†However, that’s over two hours less than the original iPad Pro 12.9, which streamed video for almost nine and a half hours before the battery died.

If you’re after all-day entertainment, the Pro 12.9 is easily the winner.

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