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iPad? There’s a pedometer app for that. Really.

Ever thought of using your iPad as a pedometer? No, us neither. But anyone crazy enough to have had the thought can now pay 59p for Cool Pedometer HD, which has just gone live on the App Store.

It’s developed by a company called Gp Imports, and is based on their existing (and considerably more sensible) Cool Pedometer iPhone app. Both work in the same way, measuring your steps using the accelerometer, tracking your speed, and even giving you voice alerts when you reach a specific distance.

But seriously, what use is an iPad pedometer? Well, it seems the developers aren’t blind to potential criticism of clutching Apple’s tablet to measure your walking. “You can wear your device in your backpack,” explains the App Store blurb. “Based in our research backpacks are the best for this purpose… Due to the size of the iPad this product is not recommended if you are planning to keep in your hands.”

So now you know.


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