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iPad vs iPhone 4G: To buy or not to buy?

With iPad pre-orders opening today, you may be um-ing and ah-ing over whether or not to shell out for the wunderproduct – finger hovering over the buy button, beads of sweat breaking out as you tap your credit card in a state of pure disarray. The reason for your indecision? The iPhone 4G.

Forget all the concepts, leaks and debate over features, come June we’ll no doubt know all the specifics of the next-gen iPhone. So will it be worth the wait? Or should you just give in to your iPad cravings now and have done? Allow Recombu to play the devil on your shoulder as we run through who should and shouldn’t indulge now. 

Yes, you should buy an iPad immediately

– You relish fanboy status: You’re already on thin fanboy ice for not managing to import an iPad from the US, where they’ve been on sale for over a month. If you hold out now, you’ll be relegated to mere *shudder* trend-hopper.

– You travel a lot: No doubt the iPad would be handy for watching films on planes, keeping connected in places with Wi-Fi, reading e-books and working (if you’re the Prime Minister of Norway). Of course, you probably already have a perfectly serviceable laptop, but maybe you’re looking for something a bit slimmer, a bit lighter and a bit hotter off the press.

– You’re a creative or you adore videos and gaming: As clever as the iPhone 4G will no doubt be, there’s no way it’ll have such a deliciously large 9.7-inch display with colour depth much more impressive than the piddly little iPhone 3GS.

No, control yourself and wait for the iPhone 4G

– You aren’t made of money: If you’ve got an iPhone (or any smartphone, really) you’re already paying for 3G and no doubt you’re also already paying for Wi-Fi at home. Do you really want to add another 3G data plan to that? Even if you go for the Wi-Fi only option the cheapest you’ll get it for is still £429, and you’ll probably want some hefty insurance with that too. Not to mention all the apps, eBooks and movies you’ll need to load it up with in order to get the most out of it. Whatever way you look at it, the iPad doesn’t come cheap.

– You can’t see into the future: Who knows what the iPhone 4G will do? Apple must know they’ve got to up their iPhone game now that the iPad is at large – with OS, apps and design being so very, very similar on both devices, there may just be something big in the works to differentiate the two. So what could it be? The purported leaked model which Gizmodo has encountered so much strife over suggested a potential HD camera, front-facing video chat camera, higher-resolution screen and noise cancellation. But maybe the money-shot is going to come from the software or processing power to enable proper multi-tasking (welcome to 2008, Apple) or, quite likely, something we commoners cannot yet even conceive of… there’s just no way to know until June.

– You won’t use it in public: Here in London, it’d be a brave soul who’d whip out the iPad on the underground to read an e-Book on the long commute, particularly in the rammed tube carriages of rush hour. The same no doubt apply anywhere else in the country. It’s like asking to be mugged, just like wearing the distinctive white headphone wires of the iPod Classic was in days gone by (you know, back when iPods still had resale value).

Whether or not you’re heeding any of our advice, let us know in the comments if you’re pre-ordering an iPad today (so we can make plans to mug you, obviously).


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