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iPad’s latest RSS reader is RSS Beacon HD

There has been a rash of iPad RSS reader apps recently trying to look like magazines or multimedia websites: Flipboard, FLUD, Apollo News and the rest. RSS Beacon HD isn’t one of them: it looks unashamedly like an RSS reader, but has some powerful features.

In fact, developer Get In Spring describes it as a ‘social RSS reader’, since it has a focus on making it easy for you to share stories and feeds with your friends – even to the extent of creating your own RSS feeds. There’s a Twitter-esque follower system too, to peek at other people’s feeds.

However, hardcore news-fiends will appreciate the fact that the app promises whip-fast updating, automatic feed synching while the app is in use, and offline reading for up to 7,000 articles. These aren’t overtly sexy features like some of its rivals, but when it comes to crunching through a big mass of feeds quickly, they’re important.

A built-in browser lets you read full articles when only a summary is offered, and the app supports up to 70 different feeds, downloading a maximum of 100 articles from each one at a time. It’ll have to be good to tempt hardcore RSS users away from NewsRack, but RSS Beacon HD looks like it has a fighting chance.


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