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iPhone 14 details have apparently leaked already, one year before its expected release

We might not have even seen the iPhone 13 yet, but specs of its sequel are already being spread around the internet a year from its arrival.

While the iPhone 13 is expected to be announced at an Apple Event on 14 September, all the eyes of the tech world have instead been focused on the device that’s coming one year from now: the iPhone 14.

It does seem strange to have so much information leak one whole year in advance, and on the eve of another major announcement, but Jon Prosser is a reliable source in the industry.

The most significant change, according to renders of the device, is the adoption of a punch hole camera at the top of the screen, rather than the large notch that has been present on Apple’s smartphones since the debut of the iPhone X. It’s certainly a welcome update for the series, but you have to wonder why the change wasn’t made earlier, considering it’s standard practice on most Android devices by now.

iphone 14 leak render

Image Credit: Jon Prosser

On top of that, the camera bump looks to have been significantly diminished, appearing to lie flat with the rear surface of the phone, and the volume toggles have been replaced with rounded buttons.

All of the above has to be taken with a pinch of salt of course. While Apple has no doubt made progress on the iPhone 14 design, it’s impossible for outsiders to say at this point whether the final look has been set in stone. Nonetheless, we certainly hope that Apple does take these steps to alleviate a couple of nagging problems that we’ve had with the otherwise excellent iPhones of recent years.





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